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DoorCon offers a solution for every type of door whether it is sliding or hinged. Our products not only control the movement of the door but also offer the functionality to ensure the safety of users or passers by. Whatever the situation requires, DoorCon will deliver the solution.

DoorCon is private brand of the organisation ERIKS Aandrijftechniek (Motion Control). DoorCon, which is short for Door Controlling, specialize in offering door related products such as electrical door openers, motion controllers, motors and mechanical sliding door components. These products are developed and produced by ERIKS Aandrijftechniek bv. DoorCon delivers her products in several countries under a brand label.

During the last 25 years we have built up both experience and expertise in door automation. These two elements are central in our relationship with our customers and suppliers.

Innovator award
One of our goals is to improve / innovate our products. We continually try to develop and produce smarter and cheaper. It speaks for itself that the starting point of this is the quality of our products.  

We herewith give you an example of an innovation.  We made in cooperation with an supplier a synthetic housing of the motorunit of the swinger. Seven complex aluminium parts are replaced for two synthetic parts. Advantages of the synthetic housing are: less chance for malfunction and reduction of the weight.  Now the motorunit is of a better product quality and easier to assemble. This innovation is rewarded with the ESEF Innovator Award.

ERIKS Aandrijftechniek
ERIKS Aandrijftechniek Schoonhoven realizes innovative solutions in the field of motion control and linear and rotary drives. From high quality standard solutions till perfectly customized motion control, engineering and service! That's in a few words the strength of ERIKS Aandrijftechniek in Schoonhoven (formerly Elmeq).

With over thirty years of experience, ERIKS Aandrijftechniek realizes innovative solutions in the field of motion control and linear and rotary drives. ERIKS Aandrijftechniek analyzes, advises, coordinates and supplies (standard) components. ERIKS Aandrijftechniek also develops and manufactures customer specific solutions and performs maintenance, repairs, overhauls and modifications.

Private brand Elmeq
ERIKS Aandrijftechniek Schoonhoven has beside the private brand DoorCon an other private brand: Elmeq. Under the name Elmeq roating and linear components are put on the market.

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Total program of ERIKS Aandrijftechniek
ERIKS Aandrijftechniek also offer hydraulics and mechanical drives. The sister company in Roermond sells these products. Check the website: for more information. 

ERIKS Aandrijftechniek is certified to ISO 9001:2008. Download the certificate here.